Scout Feedback

Here are some comments by the Scouts who participated in 2008 and 2009:


Program Evaluations:

"Every scenario we did with Dan and Mike was awesome. Everything was very exciting and realistic"

"This is the BEST program I have ever been in"

"The staff knew what they were doing"

"This was the best week ever"

"I learned how to save people in their time of need"

"This program is Number 1 on my top 10 of all!"

"Awesome staff and program"

"The program was very beneficial"

"Would definitly recommend this program, it will help you later in life"

"Leaders, you were perfect for the job. Continue to do this program and it will continue to be a success. You two made it a blast"

....and more.

YouTube: Comment from a Scout

Intense!!! I was one of the 15 scouts who participated and it really was freaking sweet! Mikes basically a professor and Dan's the Man, "Hey You Guys!"

Email from a Scout

March 8, 2009

Dear Mike,

I want to thank you again for all of the things that I went through during All Things Emergency Prep. It truly was one of the greatest experiences I have EVER had. But that's not why I am sending this e-mail.  A couple weeks ago, I was at a ski fundraiser our ski team booster club helps with.

At the event a skier went off course and hit two course workers. The skier was fine and just skied away. But one of the victims had a slight concussion, very small, and a slight pain in her lower back. The other had a major concussion, a head injury, basically she was in bad shape, going in and out of consciousness.

I had been on the chair lift and saw the entire thing. As soon as I got off I ran as fast as I could down to help. I was going to take pictures of racers so I had mukluks on not ski's. But when I had gotten there another eagle scout I know was already stabilizing her head, there were two ski patrol personal at the scene. About four more showed up over time. I was able to help the ski patrols with getting both women on to the backboards, strap them in, and help get oxygen to the more severe victim. After that I went and gave a report of the incident.

Later, our committee  chair, our ski coach, and my father had been told that we were essential in the aid and extraction of the two victims, that they couldn't have done it as easily without us. And if I hadn't gone through the course over the summer I would have never been able to do anything to help the ski patrol. All of the things that you and Dan taught me is invaluable information, and again I thank you very much for teaching me information that eventually I was able to help a person who was in need of help.

Thank you,



August 29, 2009


Hey Mike!


I just want to say that the All Things Emergency Response week was great. You and Dan are the coolest people I have ever met. You guys make a great team and handled every situation excellently. I hope you get some awesome Scouts next year.

This summer I went on a scouting trip to the Boundary Waters and one of the leaders got a fishing hook stuck deep in his finger. If it was not for Zach and me, he would have destroyed his finger by pulling it back out the way it came in. We had him push it all the way through instead of pulling it back out. It was really hard for him since it is first instinct to pull it out, also there are a lot of nerves in the fingertips (he was in pain) and he was becoming a bit light headed. After a few hours and a bit of encouragement he pulled it through.

All Things Emergency Response gave me confidence to do the right thing even though the other adult leaders would have had him give a quick jerk and pull it back out.

This program is great, keep up the good work. By the way the all things emergency response website looks great.


July 28, 2009


Thank you for taking the time to help plan and put together this awesome week. Without you, the week wouldn't have been the same; infact, it probably wouldn't have happened.

Overall, this had to have been the best week I've spent at Many Point ever. It's also on of my favorite experiences as a Scout. Thanks for helping to make this week. I hope you continue to help so future participants can have as much fun as I did.

Alan Perault


July 28, 2009



Thank you for inviitimg me up for the week. It was an amazing experience. It did have some less exciting points, but nothing compared to the high points. If I hadn't been giving this opportunity, I would have missed an amazing experience. I will never forget the people I met. The skills I've learned will also be invaluable in the future, whether or not Many Point is in the picture.

The week has to be the best, most fun week I have ever spent at Many Point, even including being a CIT. I hope Many Point will continue to offer this program so other Scouts can experience it.

Alan Perault


Article from a Scout for Troops Newsletter

June 30, 2009

 This year I stayed an extra week at Many Point. I participated in the Wilderness Response program. I have to say it was one of the coolest things I have ever done in scouts. Not only was it cool, but also it was challenging, both mentally and physically. For me, the most challenging part was the high ropes rescues. You had to use tremendous upper body strength to pull a guy up onto a single wire 45 feet above the ground. Luckily, after you complete it, your right next to the Zip line, a 150-foot wire you get to ride down to the ground. BAMGERANG!!!

The classes at the beginning of the work where a little low key, but by the end of the week you were surrounded with cuts, bruises, impaled objects, people passed out, and even gun shot wounds! I’m proud to say that when I was with my group at the site of a plane crash and did our work and exercised our new skills, there wasn’t even one casualty. We really showed good stuff. The scene of the crash was amazing with plane parts, flames, smoke, and 24 victims ranging from 5-66 years of age, and from minor cuts and abrasions to impaled objects and no breathing. It really was a terrifying yet exhilarating experience.

I don’t want to give away to much information about what happens, for I want you to have some surprises, but trust me, its AWESOME! It might be one of the more mentally challenging things I have done in scouts, but also might be the coolest.