Michael Kuklok

Mike “Kooks” Kuklok has worked at Many Point Scout Camp for 13 years prior to this, and is looking forward to spending his 13th year working at camp this summer. So far in Mike’s tenure at Many Point includes First Class Adventure Director, Nature Director (for six years), program director, and Camp Director in 2007. During this time, Mike finished up high school and earned four Bachelor of Science in Business Degrees from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

Combining Mike’s passion for Staff and Scouts as his highest priority, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial spirit, Mike understands the vision and is able to spread his creativity and talent to all functions at Many Point. Continuing this year, Mike is continuing to improve the Wilderness Response program and says: “This will be the most exhilarating experience Many Point Scouts have seen!” Mike has also taken on the coordination of Many Points Merit Badge Staff Training - to make the Merit Badge Counselors that much better.

In addition to helping develop program at camp, Mike is attending Bethel University to earn a Masters in Teaching to become a high school business teacher. Mike is also an entrepreneur - developing websites that connect consumers to the outdoors. Mike hears the loons calling, and plans to return to Many Point full-time soon.


Dan Williams

Dan Williams has been involved with the Boy Scouts since he started as a Tiger Cub in Pack 84.  Dan earned my Eagle Scout rank in 1998 from Troop 584.  Through out my time as a Scout, Dan had many amazing opportunities ranging from numerous camping adventures, 98' World Jamboree in Chile, to the highlight of my scouting career, working as a Many Point Staffer for 5 years. 

Now, Dan currently works for North Memorial Ambulance in Park Rapids, MN as a Paramedic, 1st Responder with the Hubbard Co. 1st Responders, and as a Smokechaser/ Forest Firefighter for the MN DNR out of Park Rapids.  Dan will also soon be a member of the Hubbard Co. SWAT team as their Entry Team Medic. 

Dan has traveled all over the nation chasing wild fires. One of the most memorable times when chasing fires is talking with Bruce Willis in his front yard as the fire was aproaching his west coast home. When not working, Dan is an avid hunter and outdoorsman.

Dan credits his life and everything he has done to the values and numerous skills that he learned through his many great experiences in the Boy Scouts. 


Dave Casella

Dave Casella started at Many Point in the 1980's, took a short break, and is now Many Points resident Health Services Director. Dave plays an important role in the health and well being of the over 5,000 people that visit Many Point each year.

In All Things Emergency Response, Dave teaches the classroom / technical skills for our program. This fits Daves background as he is an advance life support teacher in the Osseo 279 School District.


Scott Scheiller - Support Volunteer Staff

As a Scoutmaster in Minneapolis and avid Many Point camper, Scott has joined our team. This past year Scott helped the guide setup scenarios, provide guidance to Scouts, and assisted our photography crew.



Scott Rassmusson - Photographer and Videographer

Scott Rassmusson was Many Point Scout Camp's media specialist in 2009, and spent much of his week with us during the program.


Hubbard County First Responders

The Hubbard County First Response team will be working with Mike, Dan and the Scouts to better understand the proper extraction techniques for finding lost persons and removing people from harms way.



Local Fire Officials - New

You got it! The local fire officials will be there. The plan is to assist Scouts with their vehicle extractions!