Program Overview

Many Point Scout Camp's Emergency Response program is a first of its kind, and is spreading in popularity. There are great things each Scout will walk away from the program with.

Program Mission Statement:

To provide the most realistic emergency medical training opportunity available to Scouts; where Scouts will gain valuable life skills that will open their minds to possibilities for their futures.

What it Costs?

All Things Emergency Response costs only $280.00 (a great value for what you get)!

Dates of Program for 2013

July 7th through July 12th, 2012


What the Program Covers

Many Point's All Things Emergency Response / Wilderness Response program's goal is to highlight emergency scenarios that are base on: On the Land, From the Air, and In the Water.

Here are some of the programs Scouts will participate in for 2009:

  • Car Accidents
  • Triage (determing emergency priorities)
  • Skiing Accidents - NEW
  • Human Search and Rescue - Improved
  • Skiing Accident Rescue
  • Fire truck training
  • Wildfire Management - NEW
  • Smoke Filled Rooms
  • Smoke Filled Building Scenario - NEW
  • High Course Climbing Rescue - Improved
  • Mass Casualties
  • Water Rescues - Life Rafts
  • Boating Accidents - NEW
  • Rifle Shooting / Shotgun Shooting Scenarios
  • Ice Rescues
  • and More


Scope of Training and Culture of Program

Scouts will have a good time with this program. Earlier this year at a intro meeting for Many Point, a parent asked if their Scout would be find this program useless if they already have Emergency Preparedness and Safety Merit Badges?

The answer is that this program goes far beyond what the BSA currently offers in any emergency / medical / preparedness program. We have real working professionals, and a world class staff who will be guiding your Scouts. We make sure Scouts get a good taste of these fields, and are comfortable in the situations they experience.

Awards / Recognition

Scouts will leave with a plether of awards and recognition:

  • Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge
  • Safety Merit Badge
  • First Aid Merit Badge
  • Search and Rescue Merit Badge
  • American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid (required for Filmont crews)
  • American Heart CPR Certification
  • BSA Emergency Preparedness Award


To enroll in this program, there are some requirements. These requirements are firm. For questions, please contact us.

  1. Scouts must be 15 - 17 years old.
  2. Scouts must be a Swimmer
  3. Scouts must be in good, athletic, physical condition.