Press Release

Search and Rescue Merit Badge add to the program

September 3, 2012

All Things Wilderness Response will be incorporating the entire Search and Rescue Merit Badge at Many Point next year. Scouts will be able to complete the Merit Badge at camp.

All Things Wilderness Response is a complete introductory training program offered at Many Point Scout Camp, Ponsford, MN. Full scenario based training that incorporates fire rescue, paramedic / E.M.T., Law Enforcement, and Search and Rescue skills, the Wilderness Response Program at Many Point is becoming nationally recognized for impacting Scouts and their communities.

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Dates have been determined for the 2013 Camping Season.

July 7, 2012

All Things Wilderness Response has been added to the schedule for Many Point 2013, and will be occuring on July 7th to July 13, 2013.