2012 Cast and Sponsors
Wilderness Response Scouts

Wilderness Response Staff
Wilderness Response Director/Creator   Michael Kuklok
Wilderness Response Professional / Co-Creator   Dan Williams
Photographer and Staff   Scott Scheiller
Professional Staff   Andrew Bickel
Professional Staff and Support   Dave Casella
Photography   Scott Kuhlman
Professional Organization Staff and Volunteers

Carsonville Fire and Rescue  
Elbow Lake / Tulaby Fire and Rescue  
Brainered North Memorial Abulance  
Clearwater Sheriffs Office  
Scenario Victims
Voyageur Sauna Fire  
Ten Chiefs Boating Accident  
Tree House Scenario  
Driver in Traffic Stop (Actor)  
Night Car Accident  
Buckskin Range Accident  
Pioneer Search and Rescue  
Beard Campsite Campfire  
Aqua Tramp Rescue  
Plane Crash  
Bus Accident  
Special Thanks


Carsonville Fire and Rescue, Ponsford, MN

Elbow Lake / Tulaby Fire and Rescue

Clearwater County Sheriff's Office, Clearwater County, MN

North Memorial Abulance, Brainered, MN

North Memorial Air Care

North Memorial Abulance, Hubbard County, MN

Hubbard County Search and Rescue, Park Rapids, MN